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President's Message
¡°To be No.1 in the world¡±

DIMA has been the frontier of media and arts education in Korea.
Founded in 1997 with top notch facility and infrastructure with well experienced professors, DIMA has built its reputation and its brand power over the course of the past twenty years.
We have tried things no one ever tried before. For example, we have built one of the biggest movie studios in Korea within our campus where Korean blockbusters are being produced and at the same time our students get to participate as staffs or actors in those projects.
Another example is that we have opened a nation wide TV channel called Bridge TV few years ago in order to provide hands-on training to our students and for them to come up with contents that could be aired on TV.
Our time requires an educational system in which students want to acquire practical techniques along with theory rather than just the theoretical knowledge itself. Time is definitely changing. And change is happening everywhere.
With this educational goal in our mind, we are ready to prove the world that DIMA is the place to come for future broadcasters, directors, producers, film editors, actors, dancers, singers and so forth.
DIMA is still evolving to be the best institute of media and arts.
So boys and girls, if you want to be stars in the field of media, come to DIMA!
Thank you.
President, Yong. H Choi
Dong-Ah yedae Rd. 47 Samjuk-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 17516 Tel : 82-31-670-6600
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