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Division of Creative Convergence Studies

Division of Creative Convergence Studies

It is to cultivate the professionals not only with hands-on experiences in the fields but also with creativity and athletic views as well as reasonable thinking and values.


It's ultimate purpose is not only to cultivate the professional human resources with the expertise, and hands-on experiences of their own field, but also to raise all-around talent with reasonable ration, value-discernment, aesthetic appreciation, creative thinking, and so on. To achieve its goal, these courses offer some classes which can help the student to develop fundamental knowledges required from every field, along with the classes of liberal arts including general sociology, religion, foreign languages, artistic topics, widening the students' interest and setting up solid foundation for their own majors.



Required courses consist of basic classes forming the foundation of the university education, and are necessary to finish the student's major.
☞ English Ⅰ, English Ⅱ, Introduction to Broadcasting Theory, Aesthetics in Media


Elective courses are composed of curricula helping students accumulate grounding and culture. In addition, there are classes dealing with the basic theories, which is expected to enhance the effectiveness of whole education of DIMA and worth of mass-education.
☞ Speech communication, Introduction to communication theory, Golf, Dance, Horse-back riding, Japanese, Chinese, Speech in English, Practical English, Chapel, Religion and Modern Culture, Sociology, Psychology, Psychology of Human Sexuality, Voluntarism and Modern Society, Professional Ethics
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