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Broadcasting Technology

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Broadcasting Technology

Broadcasting is a composite art that affects emotions of humans by manipulating images and sound. For this very reason, broadcasting engineer is required to strike a balance between scientific reasoning and rich emotions. Broadcasting Engineering aims to nurture engineers who help emotions bloom based on scientific technology and technique.

Course Scope

The scope of broadcasting engineering is evolving with the development of media technologies from design and operation of broadcasting system to editing and producing of a program and to transmitting it. The program provides systematic theoretical and practical training through industry-industry-academia collaboration from A to Z of broadcasting.


Broadcasting Production Technology

The major offers theoretical and practical training in visual and audio production. Production technicians with aesthetic sensibility are fostered through courses such as studio production, image editing, non-linear editing and outdoor production. Broadcasting System The major provides theoretical teaching and practical training in studio and broadcasting systems. System design technicians are trained in subjects of the theory and design of radio and TV studio system, and digital terrestrial, satellite, cable broadcasting, and internet broadcasting systems and design.

New Media

The major focuses on the theory and application of new media technology and systems that are central to program production and systems. It teaches future new media broadcasting technicians how to apply new media technologies including visual and sound band compression technology, dimensional sound, dimensional TV, HDTV, mobile transmission, next generation broadcasting technology and other cutting-edge media technologies.


Video Engineering/ Introduction to Digital Engineering/ Broadcasting Communication Engineering/ Electronic Measurement and Practices/ Design for Broadcasting Video System/ Broadcasting Network/ Program Monitoring/ Design for Broadcasting Transfer & Transmitting System/ Radio Regulations/ Design for Broadcasting Sound System/ Practice of Non-linear Editing System/ Measurement of Audio Signals/ Program Production Technology/ Broadcasting Equipment/ Mobile Broadcasting Technology/ Theory and Practice of Lighting/ Digital Image Compression/ Program Editing/ Practice of Digital Video

Career Opportunities

Professional for TV broadcasting/ Cable TV broadcasting/ Satellite broadcasting/ DMB broadcasting/ Radio station/ RV program producer, album producer/ visual and audio production, editing, filming, lighting, equipment management, transmission, televising, control and production of special event company/ studio, relay mobile production/ visual and audio controller/ production company/ audio and lighting planning/ training of visual communication
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