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Visual Production

Division of Visual Production

The visual culture industry is currently thriving in the digital environment. The program aims at training future leading talents in the field of visual production.

Course Scope

Students choose their majors among directing, filming, and editing for in-depth study and practice, after first year education focusing on theoretical and practical basics of visual production. Students develop capabilities to grow as a professional visual producer including reasoning and structuring skills required for directing, aesthetic sensibilities for filming and creative senses and techniques for editing.



Directors are those who contemplate on how to visualize the subject effectively. To the end, they carefully budget time, space and money. The program guides students to develop capabilities and virtues that professional producers and directors should obtain.


Viewpoint conveyed through the camera, mechanism of camera, relations between the camera and the object are all taught and debated to achieve the most effective visualization.


Editing is called another art within the visual artwork. This major teaches various ways of expression for viewers to feel like an hour as a second and vice versa with theoretical guidance and up-to-date techniques.


Basics of Video Photography/ Introduction to Broadcasting Technology/ Basic Video Editing/ Broadcasting Programming/ Directing Study/ Photography/ Broadcasting Language/ Non-linear Editing/ Lighting/ Practice of Basic Visual Production/ Video Editing Theory/ Production in Studio/ Visual Arts/ Video Production System Operation/ Computer Graphics/ Construction & Continuity/ Study on Experimental Video/ ENG Camera/ Drama Production/ Script Writing/ Production Workshop/ Special Lighting/ Cultural Program Production/ Practice of CM Production/ Sound Effects/ Practice of Outdoor Production/ Documentary Production/ Internet Broadcasting/ Theory of Visual arts/ Planning for Visual Production/ Music Video Production/ Set Design/ Special Visual Effect Editing/ Entertainment Program Production/ Video Title Making/ Special Videography

Career Opportunities

Director, Camaraman and Editor for Broadcasting, production, film and commercial production companies.
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