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Division of Music

Division of Music

The division aims to nurture processionals in the field of music. The courses focus on producing musicians who can create future trend based on the understanding of the current music trend and can extend the boundaries of music by exploring new genres and connecting to other fields of arts.


Musical Instrument

Students, majoring in different instruments, are offered intensive practical training based on comprehensive understanding of various styles and languages of music. The courses are aimed at nurturing creative and competent musicians with aesthetic sensitivity, theoretical background and excellent performing skills.


The courses are aimed at nurturing professional vocalists in the field of music and they also offer systemic theoretical studies and practical application training in different genres such as musical , jazz, Korean pop and western pop.


The program educates students to develop their musical ideas and talent by understanding the changes in today's culture and the music industry. It also provides with the structured curriculum and a range of intensive training through seminars, team projects ensembles, stage performances and etc.


Individual Major/ Stage Performance Practice/ Recording Project/ Ensemble/ Vocal Training/ Sight Singing & Ear Training/ Rhythmic Style Analysis/ Jazz Harmony/ digital Music/ Vocal ensemble/ Home Studio Production/ Visual Aesthetics/ Classic Music/ Film Music Analysis and Production/ Musical Arrangement/ World Music/ Sound Production Practicum/ Diction Practice/ Mixing/ Mastering Techniques/ Multimedia Music Production Practicum

Career Opportunities

Singer/ Solo, band, project musician/ Session musician/ Music director for media and film
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