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Application Procedure

1. Download the application download2. Fill out each field of the form and print it out 3. Send it to DIMA (Anseong city, Korea), along with the required documents(refer to the Application Guidelines download ) via mail service or visit in person4. Confirm submitted documents

Application Procedure
Process Date Remarks
Distributing & receiving the application Dec. 30, 2019.(Mon.)
~ Jan. 13, 2020.(Mon.)
You should visit DIMA to submit the application
(or mail the documents)
of Receipts
Acceptance & confirmation
of the admission application
and attached documents
Dec. 30, 2019.(Mon.)
~ Jan. 16, 2020.(Thu.)
Confirmation of receipt is possible 2 days after
receipt date, and attached documents
can be confirmed after 2 days from arrival date
Performance test - Entertainment in Broadcasting
- Performing Arts
- Film Arts
Jan. 17, 2020.(Fri.)
~ Jan. 30, 2020.(Thu.)
The schedule of performance test would be different
by department. The schedule and place of performance
test for each applicant is to be announced through
Admission homepage by 14:00 Jan. 15, 2020, as
arranged by college after the application deadline
(※will not be informed to each applicant)
For the division of Applied Music, the 1st test successful
candidates are eligible to take the 2nd test
1st test Jan. 17, 2020.(Fri.)
~ Jan. 30, 2020.(Thu.)
2nd test Announcement for successful
candidates of 1st test only
Announcement of successful applicants Feb. 04, 2020.(Tue.) - Admission Homepage (ipsi.dima.ac.kr)
- 060-700-3311(School CODE 333)
Printout of Tuition Bill Feb. 06, 2020.(Thu.)
~ Feb. 10, 2020.(Mon.)
Notice of acceptance, and payment: Admission
homepage Since there is no notice of tuition payment,
it is recommended to check the homepage
of our college homepage from time to time by yourself.
Final Tuition Payment Feb. 06, 2020.(Thu.)
~ Feb. 10, 2020.(Mon.)
Until Bank Closing Time
Departments and their quotas
Departments and their quotas
Dept Unit of recruitment Entrance quota
(Domestic applicants)
Entrance quota for
the applicants with
foreign citizenship
Entrance quota
for Foreigners
Division of
Broadcasting &
Arts Convergence
Broadcasting Production
126 3 No limit
Broadcasting Sound
Broadcasting System
Audio Production 58
New Media Content 37
Division of
Media Contents
Visual Production 80 3
Broadcasting & Journalism 54
Broadcasting Writing 40
Advertising & Public Relations 36
Digital Image Design 37
Division of Art Performing
Theatre 29 3
Musical 29
Korean Traditional
Performing Arts
Film Arts 35
Scenography 30
Division of Applied
Instrumental 33 3
Vocal 22
Composition 26
Division of
in Broadcasting
Acting 29 4
Entertainment 19
K-POP 20
Fashion Styling 34
Entertainment Management 40
Sum 823 16
touch slide
Admission Guidelines

Please refer to this material download and fill out application form download unmistakably

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