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Campus Life


DIMA Studio Complex

The Student life Center, which can accommodate up to 500 students for their conveninece, contains one room for two persons, a shower booth, TV watching room and rest area on each floor, concession stand, coin laundry facility, fitness facility, tennis court, basketball court and table tennis court to allow students to enjoy the pleasures of campus life.

Fitness Center

DIMA Fitness Center on the first Floor of the student center contains a variety of the latest fitness facilities, such as running machines with LCD monitor attached, high-tech broadcasting and music equipment, and individual exercise instructions by professional trainers enhance the health management and physical strength of the DIMA family.


In this building, located indoors, you may enjoy basketball, volleyball and foot ball. Sports dance and liberal arts classes are often performed and it is used as an indoor performance hall during the festival or event.

Grass Field

DIMA's big ground contains artificial grass field made in accordance with international standard, urethane-made track and basketball court to provide safe sports activities all the year round.

Comfortable Restroom Environment

DIMA has made a comfortable restroom environment for students' sanitation and cleanliness by improving all the restrooms on the college campus and installing high-class bidets.

Cooperated Bus System

For the convenience of students, DIMA try to minimize their time waste, and financial burden with the cooperation with Daewon Express, which is running respectively Seoul (Nambu, East Seoul), Seongnam, Uijeongbu, Goyang, Anyang, Bucheon bound buses, from school.

Shuttle Bus

The major buses, which run throughout the Metropolitan area as well as Seoul, enable easy commutation to the college, and the buses running between Anseong and Pyeongtaek as well as the shuttle buses connecting one room-college-student life center are operated 30 times a day at 30-minute intervals.

Student Festivals


Hanwoolje is a festival of Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts students which is held with different performances and exhibitions of each department, famous entertainers and scholarship events are also to be seen.
For example, 'May Queen Competition' is the most eye-catching event of all from 2002 as well as the performances of the celebrities who graduated from our college.

Festival for Broadcasting

The broadcasting festival that is held out annually is a source of pride th produce different types of programs and present them which all of the departments participate in voluntarily for enhancing their abilities and promoting school.

Sports Competition

The Sports Competition is comprised of each department where every student could feel the unity and show their passion with more competitive cheering.
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