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Chairman’s Message

“Like all parents across the world, DIMA will do everything it can to help students unlock their full potential”

Whenever I look at students on campus, I ask myself “What would I do for them if they were my own children?” I am here at DIMA not only to lead and direct the institute, but also to do my best to give students the highest quality of education on behalf of their parents.
DIMA is dedicated to the essence of quality educational service for our students who have dreams and are passionate about future of media and arts.
In order to offer the best hands-on education to our students, DIMA is equipped with the best educational infrastructure. We have the Studio Complex which is Asia’s biggest studio, HD TV OB van and labs with state-of-the art broadcasting equipment, and we are the very first educational institution to have a UHD TV studio. Furthermore, with their expertise in media and arts, each member of DIMA’s fatculty and staff will light the way guiding our students every step off the way so that they can unlock their full potential and realize their dreams.
We firmly believe that we cannot nurture outstanding talents without outstanding education. DIMA will never stop investing in education to provide the best educational services.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Won Suk Choi
Chairman / Kong San Educational Foundation

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