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DIMA Vision 2022 Plus

Vision and Goal
Vision system


Cultivating Global Creative Talents for the Industries of Media and Arts


Being the Leading College of the Industries of Media and Arts, which trains Global Creative Talents

Goal For Vision

Being the Globally Top College of the Industries of Media and Arts


  • Specialization

  • Innovation of Education Quality

  • Upgrading of the Education Infrastructure

  • Globalization

  • Turning into BIZ-oriented Campus

Strategy Descriptions

  • Reinforcement of the Convergence Education

  • Strengthening of the Field-oriented Education

  • Keeping the Educational Environment in Cutting- Edge Condition

  • Enhancing the global competence

  • Activation of College- Industry Cooperation

  • Strengthening of creative and upright personality

  • Enhancing the support for employment

  • Enhancing of the Organizational Competitiveness

  • Diversification of the Expansion of Finance

  • Activation of Life-Long Education

Vision goal

Competitiveness part

  • Achieved 1st place in entrance examination competition

  • Achieved 1st place in employment rate of media and arts field

Internationalization part

  • To recruit more than 100 foreign students

  • To export mort than 10 global educational curriculum