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Associate Degree Program

Division of Creative Convergence Studies

Our solid foundation prepares students to be masters in media and arts Its ultimate purpose is to help students realize the philosophy of DIMA and be well-rounded professionals in media and arts. To achieve this goal, we offer various elective and necessary mandatory classes which can help students to develop fundamental knowledge in their own field. Additionally, these classes boost well-rounded talent while promoting freedom, equality, and ethics. Leadership is cultivated with aesthetic appreciation, encouraging creative thinking, opportunities for hands-on experience, and attention to global-minded thinking. All of the courses are taught by our prominent faculty with rich career experience in the field, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

With these courses, students can cultivate creative thinking, global competency, leadership, a reasonable ration and communication skills required in every field. By combining this with the expertise they gain by taking classes in their own division, students are becoming outstanding professionals.

Division of Broadcasting & Arts Convergence

Broadcasting Technology Broadcasting Production Technology
Broadcasting Sound Technology/Broadcasting System
The major offers theoretical and practical training in visual and audio production. Production technicians with aesthetic sensibility are fostered through courses such as studio production, image editing, non-linear editing and outdoor production.

Audio Production
This major trains students to understand the audio system from the engineer’s point of view. To this end, it informs students not only how to run various audio equipment but also how to check technical issues.

New Media Contents
With an education combining arts and technology, this major strengthens student’s competitiveness and ultimately fosters new cuntent production professionals.

Division of Media Contents

Visual Production
Nurtures experts in planning and directing. Directing, filming and editing are offered along with producing programs including UHD 3D imaging which is state-of-the-art.

Broadcasting & Journalism
This major nurtures reliable leaders in the era of broadcasting. Students are continually reminded of social responsibilities of broadcasting program production and announcing. Additionally, journalism can be developed to deliver responsible and reliable reporting.

Broadcasting Writing
This major is designed to cultivate professional writers for broadcasting who have both understanding on the process of broadcasting production and literary talent.

Advertising & Public relations
This major is designed to train students to be professionals who will lead advertisement and public relations. For the result, it provides students practical training for nourishing a PR professional with creative thinking and meticulous planning skills.

Digital Image Design
This major fosters professionals in state-of-the-art imaging who are able to design images they want with strong creativity, visual sensibility and planning and image designing skills.

Division of Arts

Performing Arts
Theatre/Musical/Korean Traditional Performing Arts An ‘All year-round production system’ is operated with a variety of on-site training programs and performance cultivating performing arts professionals.

With systemic education and programs providing knowledge in performance and visual art. Designed to foster creative talents in various fields.

Film Arts
This major trains students to be professional storytellers who tell dramatic with visual images and sounds.

Division of Applied Music

Piano/Guitar/Base Guitar/Drum/Electronic Music playing/Wind Instrument & Percussion
Each course is aimed at nurturing creative and competent musicians with aesthetic sensitivity, a theoretical background and excellent performing sills.

The courses are aimed at nurturing professional vocalists in the field of practical music and offering systemic theoretical studies and practical application training in different genres such as musical, jazz, Korean pop and western pop.

Sing-a-song writer/Producing/Electronic Music Production
The program educates students to develop their musical ideas and talents by understanding the changes in today’s culture and the music industries. It also provides a structured curriculum and a range of tintensive training through seminars team project ensembles, stage performances and so forth.

Division of Entertainment

Entertainment in Broadcasting
The curriculum of Entertainment in Broadcasting aims to nurture talented entertainers armed with professional knowledge and capabilities required in today’s broadcasting environment.

Fashion Styling
This major guides students to grow to be global professional stylists. It provides specialized courses in order to inspire students to understand fashion as a visual language showing emotions and feelings, so that they can eventually create in their own style. also, it simulates real-work environments and develops student’s ability required by the day-to-day work in the fields.

Entertainment Management
This major fosters global culture marketing experts in the 21st century who have a strong capacity in entertainment content producing, management, performance and show business and music industries.