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Bachelor’s Degree Program

Division of Broadcasting & Arts Production

Intensive Study Programs for Bachelor's Degree
After completing these course, students who graduated from a community college can earn a Bachelor’s degree.
It fosters professional technology talents by continuing to offer educational opportunities and strengthening the partnership between school and industry. It focuses on a field-oriented education nurturing media and art professionals with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences.


Media Contents Production
Combines technology with TV, film and related various arts creating synergy. It also nurtures creative and active broadcasting talents and contents production professionals by offering project-based hands-on education and in-depth theory education.

Broadcasting Technology
Stimulates Academic-Industrial Cooperation system. By doing so, it can give practical education to professionals who are already working in the field and to students preparing to start a career.

Applied Music
We help students with various on-site projects and deepen their insight in art and the industry so that they can be Korea’s next leaders in the practical music field.

Acting Arts
Our educational missions are pursuing the value of human and restoring the nature of humans through acting. With the missions in mind, DIMA works hard to foster creative actors who can perform in various media.

Broadcasting & Journalism
We operate curriculum helping students to be equipped with various hands-on capabilities. We focus more on Knowledge in liberal arts by introducing Humanitas college curriculum.

Audio Production
State-of-the-art knowledge and technology required by the rapidly changing media technology field calls for cutting edge and in-depth knowledge about audio technology. We are nurturing professional audio engineers who creatively lead technology.